Custom Mountaineer Style Holster
Custom Mountaineer Style Holster
Custom Mountaineer Style Holster
Custom Mountaineer Style Holster

Custom Mountaineer Style Holster

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Note that actual colors may not be as they appear, due to photo coloration and natural variance in the leather.

If tackling the peaks is your game or you just prefer something a bit lighter and more minimalistic then you’ve come to the right place. The Mountaineer keeps a small profile, enabling it to be carried comfortably in virtually any position on the belt. With a 10 year warranty and a stitched, solid leather construction, you can’t go wrong.
Please don’t forget to give me your gun make and model in the blank.

Don't forget to enter your gun make and model in the blank. Though I may not have molds for rare gun types, I can custom-shape holsters to most models. If I don't have a mold, I will contact you and try to figure it out, and if we can't you'll receive a full refund.

Variation Possibilities

1. Lining: Lined (elite) holsters have an extra layer of leather sewn within the holster, adding reinforcement and sturdiness to your holster as well as providing a smooth interior to mitigate against gun finish wear. Lining costs $60 more.

2. Reinforcement: A patch of leather sewn over the top outside of the holster, strengthening that area so that the shape of the leather holds up to years of sliding your firearm in and out.

3. Body Shield: the body shield is a layer of leather between gun and hip, keeping the gun from chafing or bumping. A body shield costs an extra $10 above the basic model.

4. Thumb Break: the thumb break is a strap of leather that acts as an additional lock on the gun in the holster. It can be disengaged by the thumb during a draw with very little if no delay to the draw. Cost is $20 over basic model.

5. Color: see above for a look at the different color possibilities. The photo/sketch you see reflects the color as best as possible, but may not be exact due to variance in screen display, photo coloration, and the leather itself.

Belt hole height: select the width of your belt for an ideal fit. If you desire a different belt hole height than the three options above, please mention this in the comments of your order and I can design your holster to fit.

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